Harrison’s Memory Quilt

Ginger made another memory quilt for one of her granddaughters. If you missed her first one, Hudson’s Memory Quilt, it can be found here. This time she cut up Harrison’s baby clothes and turned them into an adorable quilt. The top didn’t have any embellishments, and the lace she had added to the border was stitched down, so there was nothing that could get in the way of the hopping foot. We chose the design “P.S. I Love You” for Ginger’s quilt, an easy choice given all the hearts in the top.

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This gorgeous machine embroidery quilt was made by Lynn. She started working on the blocks years ago and was very happy to finally finish the project. She asked if I had a quilting design with butterflies, and “Butterfly Tango” worked well for her quilt.



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Penguin Promenade BOM – Block #1

Okay, here we go. I was a bit faster than I thought, and the first pattern is ready for download. “Penguin Promenade” has nine blocks, each featuring a penguin. These are cartoonish penguins as you can tell by the scarf and hat the first one is wearing. His friends in the months to come will all be participating in some kind of winter activity. They will all be wearing accessories. Use your scrap bin and imagination for these, they don’t have to be in the colours that I chose for the design. The finished block size is 8″, and the finished quilt size is 38″ x 49″.

Penguin #1

There is one major difference this year: The finishing instructions will NOT be included with the last block, and I will NOT provide them for free download. Of course you are welcome to just download the free patterns and assemble them any way you like. If you do the math, nine 8″ blocks do not give you a quilt of 38″ x 49″, and I added a couple of filler rows. These are pieced (no appliqué, no penguins, just plain old patchwork), and it takes a lot more time to write instructions for this than to just place sashing around the blocks and add a border. The finishing instructions will be available separately for a nominal fee. If you collect all the blocks there will be no need to purchase the full pattern if you decide you want to assemble them the way I did. I will however send the finishing instructions for free to anyone who makes all nine blocks and sends me a picture of all of them before April 1, 2021. That gives you a whole year to make nine blocks, and I enjoy seeing what other people do with my designs.

If you want to use the same background fabric for all nine blocks, you will need approx. 7/8 yard. The background fabric does not appear anywhere else in the pattern. For the pieced elements you can pick coordinating fabrics later on. My design is rather monochromatic, I chose only blue fabrics in different values from light to dark for the pieced parts. This is just to give you a general idea, I will post more information on this when I have double checked the math. 

The free pattern will only be available in Englisch/Imperial this year. I haven’t decided yet if I will publish a German/metric version but if I do, it will not be for free download. The rest of the rules are the same as last year, and I copied them from last year’s post:

A new block will be published on the first day of every month at 9 am Pacific Standard/Daylight Time. This means it will already be the second day of the month for some of you. Please be patient and please don’t email me asking when the next block will be published. I don’t like to schedule posts to be published in the middle of the night. There can always be a problem with one of the pattern files, and I would like to be able to fix it within minutes instead of waking up to dozens of messages complaining about the bug. If you find an issue, then please don’t hesitate to contact me, so I can fix it ASAP.

Each block will be available for free download during the month of its publication. It will be moved to the store section when the next block is published. If you miss a block, you can still purchase it for a small fee. Please do not email me asking me to send you the pattern for free. I will ignore these requests. I only charge $2 per block (and that’s Canadian dollars, so it is even less for you in the US), and I will make bundle packs available again for three or six blocks, once we get there, that will give you an additional discount. Please respect my copyright and don’t pass your copy of the pattern on to your friend who might have missed the free download. This will just result in designers not offering free patterns anymore.

And now I think I have talked enough, here is the download link for the first block. Enjoy 🙂

EDIT: It is May, and I moved the April block to the pattern store. It is now available for purchase, in case you missed the free download.

EDIT: Penguin Promenade gibt es nun auch auf Deutsch, allerdings nur als Kaufmuster. Die kostenlosen Downloads jeden Monat sind nur auf Englisch und in Inch erhältlich. Die deutschen Blöcke werden jeweils einen Monat später im Shop veröffentlicht.



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Nancy made this pretty butterfly quilt using floral fabrics in soft colours. She stitched around the shapes using a machine blanket stitch and switched from matching thread to contrasting threads after a while to make the quilt more interesting. The quilting design is called “Wild Wind”.


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Dancing Umbrella

“Dancing Umbrella” is a design by Edyta Sitar of Laundry Basket Quilts, and this version was made by Karen. I just love the rainbow of colours. We considered all kinds of clouds, rain and umbrella designs for quilting but nothing seemed right until I came across this swirly pattern called “Wild Wind”. It really makes the umbrellas look like the wind is blowing them all over the quilt.

Dancing Umbrella

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What I Am Working On: Happy Hippo Hop

I had to drop everything else and make time for this cute project, a quilt I need as a baby shower gift. Baby showers are like Christmas, they sneak up on you, and suddenly they are looming just around the corner, and you haven’t finished your project yet. I miscalculated because of a cultural difference. Baby showers are not a thing in Germany, and no one would ever think of giving a gift before the baby was actually born. I always had late March in my head as the due date, and when I received the invitation to the baby shower for next week, a whole month was suddenly taken out of my mental timeline, and that is an eternity in quilting. Anyway, I got my act together, I had the design and fabrics ready, and I spent the holiday weekend making the quilt top and quilting it. Here is a little preview, this little guy makes me laugh every time I see him. The quilt is done and just needs the binding, but I still have one more weekend before the shower, so it should be finished right on time. There will be a pattern for this but I haven’t even started writing it yet. I also have to make a sample quilt that won’t be given away. I had planned on making the blocks all at the same time but of course that plan went out the window as well.

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New Pattern: Tuxedo Cats

I am back! And I chose the right day to fly back, there was snow here last Friday, and it snowed again yesterday but when I landed in Vancouver on Saturday, the roads (and runways) were clear. We are currently under an Artic Outflow Warning, schools are closed today, and traffic is a mess. It was a bit too warm yesterday before the artic air moved in, and there is a layer of ice underneath the snow which makes driving a nightmare. The highway is in really bad shape, lots of cars in the ditch, and there are still people driving like maniacs. Do they think winter tires alone make them invincible?

With temperatures around -12°C (approx. 11F) the weather is perfect for staying inside, drinking hot tea and sewing. Or writing patterns. I finally uploaded the full Tuxedo Cat pattern, both in English/Imperial and German/Metric and also updated all the direct links in the previous posts. I am not really happy with the picture of the quilt since it isn’t straight at all but there is no way I am going outside to take another one. Finished is better than perfect (says the perfectionist without really believing it… ), I will fix it when the weather cooperates. For those who missed most or all of the blocks and have been waiting to purchase the full pattern, it will be available with a discount until January 20, 2020. Enter the code TC2020 during checkout for 10% off.

Edit: Seven months later, and I finally managed to take a new picture…

PPP-045 Tuxedo Cats Quilt

I would also like to thank all of you for your comments of comfort and sympathy. I usually try to reply to every comment individually but in this case I just didn’t have the time. The internet can be such an ugly place sometimes, even the quilting community can be quite nasty once in a while, which makes me appreciate the kindness and thoughtfulness of those who left a comment on the passing of my Dad even more. 

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New Pattern: O Christmas Tree Mug Rugs

Wasn’t that a great Virtual Cookie Exchange Blog Hop last week? So many delicious recipes and inspiring projects, many thanks again to Carol who organizes this event every year. And thank you to all of you who visited my blog and took the time to leave a comment. I always enjoy reading them, and I try to reply to every single one. This was the first time I ran a giveaway with Rafflecopter that I set up myself. I have had a few for the annual Row Along events but in these cases I just added the code I was given to the blog post and had nothing to do with the setup and drawing of the winners, so I wasn’t at all sure how any of this works. It turns out it is super easy and straightforward and not difficult at all. The winners have been drawn this morning, and the patterns were emailed to them. If you are a winner and didn’t receive an email, please check your spam folder. If you still can’t find the pattern, please let me know. Congratulations to

  – Ronnie
  – Helen B.
  – Joan K.
  – Karen M.
  – Nancy L.

051 - O Christmas Tree

If you didn’t win but would still like a copy of the pattern, it is now available for purchase in the store section. And again I wrote a German version although I said I wouldn’t. Because as soon as I said I wouldn’t offer German/metric patterns anymore, people started buying them. Some kind of reverse Murphy’s Law? I don’t know but I am certainly not going to question it LOL. In any case, if I have time and the project is small I might still add a German version but as a general rule I am going to focus on English/Imperial patterns.


Virtual Cookie Exchange 2019: More German Cookies and Pattern Giveaway

Thank you so much, Carol, for hosting the Virtual Cookie Exchange once again. I have collected so many interesting cookie recipes during this blog hop, I will be busy for years trying them all out! I have only been living in North America since 2013, and German Christmas baking is very different from North American Christmas baking. And while I enjoy trying new recipes, our Christmas baking is still mostly German, and I will be sharing another of my favourite German recipes.

Today’s recipe is called “Haselnussblüten” which literally translates to “Hazelnut Blossoms”. They do not look like real hazelnut blossoms though, just flower shaped cookies with ground hazelnuts in the dough. Ground hazelnuts and almonds are staples in German Christmas baking, and while I can get ground almonds at the grocery store here, I have trouble finding ground hazelnuts for my baking. There is a store in Vancouver that carries them but it took a while to get used to having to drive 100 km for some ground hazelnuts. The recipe calls for ground cinnamon and cloves, just a pinch of each. I usually add more. It really depends on what you like, and I love the taste of cinnamon. (I also double the amount of spices I put into my pumpkin pie, not just cinnamon but also ginger and cloves.) Feel free to add more or less, depending on what you like. The original recipe also calls for some hazelnut glaze that you can buy at German grocery stores. I have never seen anything similar here, not even at the German deli, and we substitute semi-sweet chocolate for it which works just fine. My husband is usually the one who decorates the cookies, and he has developed his own system of how to use the liquid chocolate to glue the hazelnut to the cookie which always makes me laugh.

A Christmas tradition that I very much appreciate is baking cookies together with my son. I started getting him involved as soon as he could stand, guiding his little fingers with the cookie cutters, and we made cookies together every year. He turned 20 this year and is in his third year at the University of British Columbia. He will be coming home next week, and I really enjoy that he still wants to bake cookies with me… and not just eat them 🙂

A few words of caution/disclaimer: This is a German recipe. Germans measure only liquids by volume, solid ingredients are measured by weight. And everything is metric, of course. With the help of the internet I have provided the imperial measurements but there is no guarantee these are correct… it’s the internet after all. So if a number looks suspicious to you, please double check the math. Another difference are North American ranges. Having to choose between “bake” and “broil” doesn’t really translate to German full convection ovens. So please keep an eye on the cookies and decide for yourself if they need longer or are done faster in your oven than required by the recipe.

Being a longarm quilter, this is my busy season, so I haven’t had a lot of time for working on my own projects. But I came up with a little mug rug design that I call “O Christmas Tree”. The pattern will be published next week, here is a little preview. And I am also giving away five digital copies of the pattern. If you would like to win one, please leave a comment and enter the giveaway. Entries will be accepted until Sunday (December 8, 2019, 11.59 PST), and I will draw the winners on Monday and email the patterns. The patterns will only be availabe in English and with Imperial measurements. This is my first time hosting a giveaway with Rafflecopter, and I hope it all works as planned. If there are issues, please be patient and let me know, and I will try to fix them ASAP. Please scroll down to the end of the post for giveaway rules and guidelines.

Comment moderation is turned off for today to make it easier for you to enter the giveaway. But please don’t leave your email address in the comment text. It is not necessary to do so, and the spam protection software will kick in and not publish your comment, so it will have to be moderated after all. I will be happy to manually publish it but please keep in mind that I am in the Pacific time zone and will still be asleep when this post publishes.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Thank you for visiting today, and please make sure that you visit all the participants of this blog hop and look at their fabulous projects and mouthwatering cookies. Once again here is the full schedule of all five days of this event.

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Giveaway Rules and Guidelines

Please take the time to read them.

    • You must leave a comment to enter the giveaway. If you don’t leave a comment, your winning entry will be ignored and cancelled.
    • You are only allowed to enter once.
    • The winners will be announced either on Monday, December 9 or Tuesday, December 10, 2019.
    • You must give a valid email address when you enter the giveaway. Any email returned to me loses the ability to win automatically.
    • I will email the digital patterns to the winners right away. Please check your spam folders if you are announced as one of the winners and didn’t receive an email. Especially Gmail likes to send anything I send straight to the spam folder.
    • No purchase whatsoever is necessary.
    • You must be 18+ in order to win a gift.
    • All winners are chosen at random.
    • All winners will be announced on the blog via the Rafflecopter entry form and a post. All winners must allow for their first name and first initial of their last name to be announced on this blog.
    • Odds of winning a prize are based on the total number of rafflecopter entries.
    • This giveaway is void where prohibited by law.

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Tuxedo Cats BOM – Block #12

Welcome to December and the last block of the Tuxedo Cat BOM. This pattern includes instructions on how to make the sashing and assemble the quilt. If you missed downloading any of the blocks, now is the time to get them. The Black Friday coupon code is still valid for 20% off until tomorrow. (Scroll down to see the Black Friday Sale post for the coupon code.)

In other news, I am not going to start another BOM on January 1. I really, really want to but I have decided to be reasonable and not jump into another big project right away. All year long I have been complaining about how busy I am and how I am always behind. In addition to that I have been having health issues for the second half of the year and I also took over as president of the Chilliwack Piecemakers Quilting Guild. Don’t ask me why… somebody had to step up and do it, and I like doing it but it does add to my workload.

But the main reason is that I just need to take some time to catch up. If you downloaded all my BOM blocks you might have noticed that I changed my layout earlier this year. I had a reason for this, and a big one as well. My patterns were accepted by QuiltWoman.com last December for sale on their website. If you haven’t heard about them, they sell patterns in digital and printed formats, and they sell to everyone – retail, wholesale, distributors and also chains like JoAnn’s. But they have certain format requirements including fonts and page layout. Almost a year has gone by, and I haven’t managed to edit very many of my patterns to match their requirements. So instead of working on new things (which would be much more fun, I admit) I will take the time to edit my patterns for their website before another year comes and goes and I still haven’t made any progress. We will see how long it takes, I am hoping that maybe by April I will be ready to start another BOM project. But if not, I will just work on it for as long as it takes. (And for those who keep telling me I don’t owe any of you an explanation… I know 🙂 This is mostly pep talk for myself. My main business is still longarm quilting but I almost enjoy the pattern part more and have to keep telling myself to focus.)

But enough of my ramblings, here are the links to the last patterns with the finishing instructions.

EDIT: The December pattern has moved to the store and is available for purchase if you missed the free download. Pattern bundles for blocks 10, 11 and 12 and for blocks 7-12 are also available. And I finally uploaded the pattern for the full quilt, direct links can be found below for both versions (English/Imperial and German/Metric).

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New Pattern: Coffee Break Mug Rugs

Yay, I made my self-imposed deadline… this is the last unpublished pattern that I have been selling at quilt shows in the paper version. This is actually the oldest one, I have been selling it for over a year. As you can tell by looking at the mug rugs, this is the first pattern I designed after buying the Brother ScanNCut last year. I was so excited by the possibilities that I didn’t consider how difficult it would be to manually cut out the words “Coffee Break” in that fancy font I used. I ended up selling two versions of the pattern, either printed pattern only or printed pattern with the precut words included. Since I am only offering digital versions of my patterns online, I have added the cutting file for the words to the pattern download, in both SVG and FCM file format. They are included as a courtesy to those who have cutting machines, and there is no additional cost. If you don’t own a fabric cutter, just ignore the additional files.

Coffee Break Mug Rugs PPP-039


New Patterns: Pansies, Snowdrops and Sunflower

Today I am publishing three new patterns at once. Two of them are not particularly new, the Pansies and Snowdrops are based on postcards I made about ten years ago and then recreated for the Quilt Canada Postcard Challenge in 2017. I resized them and turned them into wall hangings. The Sunflower is a completely new design that I created this August. Our neighbours had some beautiful sunflowers in their yard that I could see when I was sitting at my desk working at the computer, and I thought they might make a nice addition to the flower series. At the quilt show in October somebody asked if I had a Poinsettia as well. I didn’t, and I still don’t have one but I still have some of the background fabric I used for the appliqué, and I like the idea of adding more patterns to this series, so I have made a note of the Poinsettia request and will wait for inspiration.

Pansies PPP-041

Snowdrops PPP-043

PPP-049 Sunflower Quilted Wall Hanging Pattern




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