If you are a German quilter, you will probably have a very good idea what a “Dinkelmaus” is. These little creatures are very popular, and I have made a few over the years. For those of you that don’t speak German, a “Maus” is a mouse, as you can probably tell from the picture. And “Dinkel” is the German word for spelt, a grain that is very popular in Germany. And a “Dinkelmaus” is the German version of a bean bag. Its triangular shape makes it perfect to use in the shoulder and neck area, it will stay in place, and you can even walk around with it. A few years ago, when I was still working in an office, staring at the computer all day long, I used to live with one of them around my neck to soothe the tense muscles. I would put it in the microwave whenever needed and just take it off when clients came in.


They don’t take long to sew and make wonderful gifts, and of course you can fill them with whatever you like if you can’t find a source for spelt. It took me a while to find spelt in Canada, so feel free to use whatever works and you have on hand. I just happen to like the smell of spelt warming in the microwave. A few years back I made one for the Christmas gift exchange for our local guilt, and it was an instant success. Several people asked me for a pattern which I didn’t have. I had always just been making it up as I went, so I sat down and wrote a few instructions that I am happy to share with you today. It isn’t a complete pattern but it shows the basic construction process, and unless you are a beginner, you should be able to figure it out. And when it is not in use, just tie the two back corners together in a knot and place your little mouse on a shelf, they are excellent decorations as well.

Disclaimer: Always consider that these will be heated in the microwave when choosing your material. Don’t use polyester, don’t use anything with metal. Be careful not to burn yourself, they can get very hot! And although I have been using Kamsnaps for eyes for years without problems, there is no guarantee they will work for you. The manufacturer doesn’t claim Kamsnaps won’t melt in the microwave, so please decide for yourself if you want to use these or not.

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