HedgeHUGS BOM – Block #6

Can you believe it’s June already, and with today’s publication we are halfway through this year’s BOM? Time sure flies. We had very warm weather in the first half of May, and I decided to risk it and transplanted all heat-loving veggies like tomatoes and cucumbers two weeks earlier than I usually do. We were away for ten days in the second half of May, and it was easier for my friend who took care of our cats during our absence to just turn on the drip irrigation instead of having to water all the seedlings inside. And boy, did they love the weather. Even though the second half of the month was a bit cooler, everything grew like crazy when we were away, and I couldn’t believe the jungle I faced when I got back. I even managed to start some watermelon seeds this year. Watermelons are a bit problematic in our climate because of the short growing season. The plants are looking great already, so maybe I will get some watermelons this year.

Our hedgehog friend is starting football season today, another fall activity in North America. It feels a bit weird to me because in Germany football season started in the spring but whatever works, right? I am not sure what the little snail is doing on the football field but I liked my drawing, and I couldn’t find another block where it fit. And here was an open corner that asked for another element, so in he went. As always, the block will be available for free download until the end of the month and move over to the pattern store when the July block is released. We are tentatively planning to be away again on Canada Day, so make sure you download the pattern now because the next block might be released early.

PPP-076-06 Hedgehog #6

Edit: If you missed the free download in June, the pattern is now available for purchase in the pattern store. I have also created a discount bundle for the first three blocks, if you missed more than just one download. And there is also a six-block-bundle for those who are just catching up now.

Auch Block 6 ist jetzt auf Deutsch mit metrischen Maßen erhältlich, ebenso gibt es auch wieder Bündel für drei oder sechs Blöcke zum Sonderpreis.

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3 responses to “HedgeHUGS BOM – Block #6”

  1. linmidquilts says:

    Thank you I am enjoying your Hedge Hogs.

  2. Lori Smanski says:

    Awww so adorable. Thanks so much for sending these sweet hedgies.

  3. Joanne Berndsen says:

    Hi Beatrice,
    Then all of a sudden it is June ! Today the 7th !
    Planting watermelon seeds in Chilliwack ! I would have never thought that was possible when I was a kid 🙂
    Have a great Summer !
    take care,

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