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You might have noticed that I haven’t been very active on here or social media over the last few months. While I am having some health issues again, I am mostly doing fine, I just don’t have the time right now for blog posts. Or rather, I don’t want to take the time. My garden has kept me busy, and I am going to Germany to see my mom in June for the first time since 2019 and have been sewing gifts. The BOM is not in danger, and I will keep posting on the first of the month, everything else has to wait.

I have already had the first gardening success of the year. I started asparagus from seeds two years ago, I had a 100% germination rate, and all plants seemed quite happy last year with pretty large spears growing already. In Germany everybody goes completely crazy over white asparagus from April 21 to June 24. Market stands are popping up everywhere, restaurants have special “Spargel” menus, and everyone eats as much asparagus as they can while the season lasts. And yes, if you mention asparagus in Germany, everyone will assume you are talking about white asparagus. Green asparagus is available but the craze is just about the white one. It is the same plant, you just have to protect the spears from light when they emerge. White asparagus is available here sometimes but it is very expensive, the last we saw at the grocery store was imported from Peru. So I decided we should grow our own. I hilled up the soil as much as I could this year and covered it with a special film that protects from light and keeps the soil warm, and we had a nice harvest already and ate lots of cream of asparagus soup, so yummy. It takes about five years before you can harvest for a full two months, so I have now removed the cover and will give the plants the chance to grow and develop sturdy root systems.

Our hedgehog friend this month is presenting the sunflower he grew to feed the birds. I love sunflowers but I am not interested in harvesting the seeds. I am fine with the birds and squirrels eating them, it also entertains my cats who love sitting in the window watching what’s going on outside. In the block the sunflower is there for the taking, I have omitted any tiny seeds… that was quite a pain last year with the bunnies sowing and feeding geese. The bird’s feet and beak are pretty tiny though, so you might want to embroider them instead of cutting them from fabric. As always the block will be available for free download until the end of the month and move to the pattern store when the next block is released.

PPP-076-05 Hedgehog #5

EDIT: If you missed the free download in May, Block #5 is now available for purchase in the pattern store.

EDIT: Block 5 ist jetzt auch auf Deutsch/mit metrischen Maßen im Pattern Store verfügbar.

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4 responses to “HedgeHUGS BOM – Block #5”

  1. Joanne Berndsen says:

    Hi Beatrice,
    Asparagus ! It’s the same craze here every Spring in The Netherlands !
    Hervesting aparagus you started from seed is fantastic !
    Have a great trip to Germany ! Sewing presents makes the time seem to go by so quickly. Before I know it, it’s time to pack and fly !
    Take care,

    • Beatrice says:

      Yes, the asparagus craze is a very European thing. I’ll be able to eat some more in June, looking forward to it!

  2. Lori Smanski says:

    Thank you for another wonderful block. Oh I do hope your health issues get well and you are back to normal again. But than what really is normal? LOL I have been having health issues also, so I completely understand. Have fun when you go and see your mom. How cool that is. When I get to heaven I will see mine.

  3. Carol Crisp says:

    Oh what a cute and cheerful block! Thank you so much. Your garden sounds wonderful! We used to have a very large garden with flowers, berries, asparagus and fruit trees. It was so satisfying to see new growth poke up through the soil in spring. Lots of work for sure, but a great feeling to be able to eat homegrown food. Spent 7 1/2 yrs in Germany and loved it! Wonderful country that finds so many occasions throughout the year to hold festivals and celebrate. Hope you continue to feel better. Enjoy your visit to GE.

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