New Pattern: Monkey Pillow

I made this little pillow matching the Monkey Business quilt quite a while ago but then got sidetracked by having too much going on at the same time. I am now working on cleaning up all the different projects I have been working on, trying to take a more focused approach. I used to only work at one project at a time, and I am not sure when and where I strayed but I am determined to get back to my old ways because it works so much better for me. Anyway, I have finally published the pillow pattern, and I have also created a bundle for those who never had a chance to download the Monkey Business blocks last year when they were free.

PPP-068 Monkey Pillow

059 - Monkey Business Quilt PPP-059

Für beide Produkte ist auch eine deutsche Version mit metrischen Maßen verfügbar, und auch hier gibt es ein Bündel zum Sonderpreis.


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