New Patterns: Penguin Pillow & Curling Penguin Pillow

I have been planning to make a matching pillow for the Penguin Promenade quilt for quite a while, and I finally got around to it. I also made a second pillow featuring a curling penguin. This was suggested by Linda and her sister who thought that in Canada winter activities need to include curling. And of course they were right! In Germany, curling is something that you see every four years at the Olympic Games and then forget about it until next time, so it never even occurred to me when I was designing the blocks for the Penguin Promenade quilt. But I was happy to follow up on their suggestion and came up with this little guy.

I emailed Linda the pattern a few weeks ago, and she surprised me by putting the block together quickly and sending me a picture. Isn’t he cute?

Linda's Curling Penguin

Linda’s Curling Penguin

Patterns are available for both pillows in English and German. I have also created two bundles with special pricing, one with just the two pillows and one with both pillows and the full Penguin Promenade quilt for those who missed the free downloads in 2020.


Anleitungen für beide Kissen sind auch auf Deutsch und in metrischen Maßen erhältlich, entweder einzeln oder als Bündel zum Sonderpreis. Und für diejenigen, die den kostenlosen Download im Jahre 2020 verpasst haben, gibt es auch ein Sonderpreis-Bündel mit dem kompletten Penguin Promenade Quilt und beiden Kissen.

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2 responses to “New Patterns: Penguin Pillow & Curling Penguin Pillow”

  1. Linda Peterson says:

    Well, you certainly surprised me with how cute the curler is so wanted you to know I appreciate your work.
    Many thanks.

  2. Sabine K. says:

    Hallo Beatrice, Grüße aus Berlin, na gut, aus Schulzendorf 😉 bin seit langem mal wieder auf den wenigen gespeicherten Blogs unterwegs …. Sehr schöne Motive hast Du Dir ausgedacht! Zum Mitnähen habe ich nur keine Zeit … egal, ich freue mich an Deinen Vorlagen. 💖

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