Under The Sea

When Nicole dropped off this quilt, she told me she wanted bubbles and seaweed quilted in the background and whatever else I could think of that would fill all this negative space. She didn’t have to ask twice, this was one of the most fun projects ever. I went really crazy, quilting any kind of sea creature I could come up with. It ended up being almost an I Spy quilt. I admit it was quite intimidating when I started at the top with all that empty space. I quilted the bigger creatures first and then went back to fill in the background with smaller objects and various filler designs. The full quilt can be seen in one of the smaller gallery pictures, just click on it to enlarge the view.

Under The Sea Detail 1

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8 responses to “Under The Sea”

  1. Brenda says:

    Great job on the quilting!! It really makes the quilt!

  2. Sheila of WhiteBearQuilts says:

    I love how you quilted this!!! Absolutely amazing!

    • Beatrice says:

      Thank you, Sheila 🙂 When Nicole requested bubbles etc. I decided to turn it into a nice underwater scene. Had it been my own quilt, I would have added a treasure chest at the bottom but wasn’t sure if that would work for Nicole.

  3. Marge Prewitt says:

    Totally awesome quilting! You are amazing! Sure wish you lived next door to me!

    • Beatrice says:

      Thank you, Marge 🙂 Of course then we wouldn’t get any quilting done because we would constantly be talking and sharing ideas and patterns and fabrics…

  4. Ann says:

    You definitely had fun with it. Made me smile.

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