The Sopwell Ladies Basket Society Quilt

A while ago Cynthia made the quilt “Gossip in the Garden” while teaching herself how to do hand appliqué. She liked the process so much that she chose another pattern with lots of handwork, Gail Pan’s “Sopwell Ladies Basket Society Quilt”. Isn’t it just beautiful? Cynthia’s sewing is very accurate, in fact when she brought me her Gossip in the Garden quilt I couldn’t believe that this had been her first attempt at hand appliqué. I know that she likes outline and echo quilting, and I threw in a few feathers here and there to stabilize larger areas, and we were both quite happy with the result.

Sopwell Ladies Basket Society Quilt

Vor einiger Zeit hatte Cynthia mir ihren Quilt “Gossip in the Garden” zum Quilten gebracht, ein Projekt, das sie sich ausgesucht hatte, um das Applizieren von Hand zu erlernen. Diese Technik hat ihr soviel Spaß gemacht, dass sie inzwischen den nächsten Quilt vollendet hat, Gail Pans Design “The Sopwell Ladies Basket Society Quilt”. Ist er nicht toll geworden? Cynthia näht immer super exakt, als sie mir den Gossip in the Garden Quilt gebracht hat, konnte ich gar nicht glauben, dass das ihr Übungsprojekt war. Ich weiß, dass sie Outline und Echo Quilting gern mag, zum Stabilisieren größerer Flächen habe ich Feathers verwendet, und mit dem Ergebnis waren wir beide sehr zufrieden.

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3 responses to “The Sopwell Ladies Basket Society Quilt”

  1. Susan the Farm Quilter says:

    Lovely quilt! When you do echo quilting, why do you choose to only go one time around? I’ve always seen it all the way out to the edge of the block, so this is a new look for me.

    • Beatrice says:

      Because that’s the way Cynthia likes it 🙂 It is not really echo quilting, you are right, it’s just quilting an outline, and this was what she requested.

      I personally believe that quilting makes the quilt, and I like quilting my own stuff “to death” but not everybody likes it this way. My customers love what I do on my own quilts, and I believe that many just can’t imagine what my style of quilting would look like on their projects. Some of them trust me enough to tell me to just do what I think the quilt needs. But if someone asks for “light custom quilting”, then I am not going to argue. I only try to talk them out of the things that I believe don’t work with their quilt at all.

  2. Susan Nixon says:

    My best friend liked quilting to death, and I like more moderate quilting. I couldn’t ever get enough on there to make her really happy. LOL I have this pattern and it’s on my to do list, probably in two colors – maybe blue and white, but maybe some other color. I loved seeing Cynthia’s! Thanks to both of you for sharing.

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