Show and Tell: Elaine’s Barnyard Bash

Elaine from BC faithfully sent me a picture of her completed Barnyard Bash block every month. It was so much fun to see what she came up with as she made small (or sometimes not so small) changes to the patterns. She managed to finish her quilt before I finished my sample, I was still stitching on the binding when she emailed me the picture of her version. Great job, Elaine! Who else has made the blocks and not just collected the patterns? I am still willing to set up a gallery but I need more pictures. Send them to me, and your quilt might be featured in a future Show and Tell post. 

Barnyard Bash Elaine

Barnyard Bash – made by Elaine from BC

Elaine aus BC hat im letzten Jahr den Block des Monats mitgenäht und mir jeden Monat ein Bild ihres fertigen Barnyard Bash Blocks geschickt. Ich habe mich immer gefreut zu sehen, wie sie mit dem Design gearbeitet hat und welche Details sie verändert hat, um ihrer Version einen eigenen Charakter zu geben. Und sie hat es sogar geschafft, den gesamten Quilt fertigzustellen, bevor ich mein Musterstück beendet hatte. Ich habe noch am Binding gestichelt, als sie mir das Photo schickte. Ist er nicht toll geworden? Hat sonst noch jemand fertige Blöcke oder gar einen fertigen Quilt? Ich würde gern eine Gallerie einrichten, aber dafür brauche ich mehr Bilder. Und auch weitere Show and Tell Posts sind nicht ausgeschlossen, meine email-Adresse findet sich auf der letzten Seite einer jeden Anleitung.

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8 responses to “Show and Tell: Elaine’s Barnyard Bash”

  1. Marge J Prewitt says:

    Elaine did a super job on her Barnyard quilt. Unfortunately I am still in the collecting mode but really do want to get this one done this year. Thanks for the awesome patterns!

    • Beatrice says:

      No worries, Marge. Collecting the patterns and also the fabrics is half the fun. You’ll get there when you get there 🙂

  2. Maryalis Bushee says:

    Lovely. I especially like the alternating backgrounds. Gives it a bit more depth, I think.

    • Beatrice says:

      Elaine was very creative in her approach, I love how she made this her own. Thanks for stopping by, Maryalis.

  3. Susan the Farm Quilter says:

    Elaine’s quilt is fabulous!! Of course, she had a great pattern to go by…maybe I need to make this for one of the grands due this year!

  4. Sharon Aurora says:

    She did a wonderful job. I love the colors she used.
    Here’s a link to my album of blocks on Flickr.

    There is a link to your blog under each photo.
    I don’t have them put together yet. Unfortunately I learned about it too late to get the doggy block.

    • Beatrice says:

      Wonderful blocks, Sharon, thank you for sharing the link to your album. Great fabric choices too, I love the polka dot pig!

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