Sue’s Bookcase

Kelley made this Bookcase quilt as a gift for her sister. It comes not only with her sister’s favourite books but also has a coffee cup, pictures of the grandkids and the cutest little bookworm. The bottom shelf is dedicated to Harry Potter and contains the Sorting Hat, Hedwig and a selection of Hermione’s favourite books. Some of the book titles are printed on fabric, some are hand-embroidered. We chose a simple overall design called “Taj Mahal” for Kelley’s quilt. What a lovely gift!

Sue's Bookcase

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3 responses to “Sue’s Bookcase”


    Love it! As an avid reader it’s perfect

  2. Kelley Mueller says:

    Thanks for putting this on your page! The quilt was fun to make, even though I had to sew Hedwig together 4 times. I am much better at paper piecing now!

  3. Darlene says:

    That is such a work of art! thank you for sharing.

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