Minecraft Quilt

Are you familiar with the game “Minecraft”? My son started playing it a long time ago, and although I have never played it myself, it seemed a really creative game. Ginger’s grandson plays it too, and when he grew out of the smaller quilt she had made for him some years ago, he requested Minecraft as the theme for his new quilt. This is Ginger’s interpretation of the Minecraft world, and she let me choose the pantograph. That wasn’t as easy as it sounds. I wanted to stay with the world of blocks Minecraft theme but on the other hand all those straight lines needed a flowing, curvy design. I finally settled on “Kristin’s Maze”, and we were both very happy with the result.


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4 responses to “Minecraft Quilt”

  1. Marcia in TX says:

    Perfect for that quilt.

  2. Deloris Berry says:

    I really like that quilt

  3. Dawn says:

    It’s awesome! Do you sell the pattern?

    • Beatrice says:

      Thank you, Dawn. I only sell patterns of my own designs, and this quilt was made by a customer, I just quilted it for her. I am not even sure she had a pattern, Ginger is an amazing quilter and doesn’t necessarily need one. Sorry I can’t be of more help. Thanks for stopping by.

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