I am afraid this situation will go on a lot longer than we think right now, and I am trying to get back to normal as much as possible. I am still posting quilts that I quilted last year, yes, I am way behind. Somebody pointed out the other day that I needed to change my watermark. I won’t because I processed these pictures last year, and it takes too much time to do it all over again. But before we go back to looking at quilts, I would like to thank everyone here in Chilliwack who has been diligently following the rules of physical distance. There are exceptions everywhere, of course, but the vast majority have been really good about it, very patient and polite. And it will look like nothing is happening for a while, the case numbers will continue to go up which can be very frustrating. Hang in there, people, and be patient. We are doing the right thing, and staying home saves lives. And now let’s get back to quilting.

Lisa made this baby quilt featuring exotic animals as a gift, and she let me choose the quilting design. I auditioned a few, and then I came across a pattern that came with my machine called “Elephant Walk”. The elephant was cartoonish enough to work with the quilt, and since there probably won’t be another chance to use this design anytime soon, I decided to go with it. The original pattern had some grass between the elephants that I didn’t like. It was smaller than the elephants and left too much space unquilted. I took it out and then flipped every other row to make the elephants walk in the opposite direction. Can you tell how much fun I had with this quilt?


Safari Back

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2 responses to “Safari”

  1. Barbara King says:

    I think your watermark is fine.

    • Beatrice says:

      Thanks, Barbara, I do too. But I thought I’d mention it since someone commented on it the other day.

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