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I was busy all day with my booth but I went in early on Saturday morning to take a quick look at the show that I had helped set up. Quite a few quilts in the show had been quilted by me, and I tried to take pictures of the others, so I would have something to show that you haven’t seen here before. It was a great show, lots of amazing quilts. The only big quilt I had in the show was the finished sample of the Tuxedo Cats. Two blocks haven’t been published yet but here is a preview of what the finished quilt looks like.

Tuxedo Cats

My booth was right next to the entrance, and everybody had to pass me on their way to the hall with the big quilts. It started a little slow but around lunch time on Saturday things got very busy and stayed that way almost until the end of the show. Looking at the pictures of my booth, I realized that I have several patterns that I have been selling at shows but never uploaded to the website or even mentioned here on my blog. I will start working on that… we’ll see how that goes with the Christmas rush coming up. One gentleman was in awe of my Pansies pattern, he loved the colours and how realistic the flowers look, and after he had seen the show he came back to my booth because he wanted to vote for my Pansies as Best in Show 🙂 He was very disappointed when I told him he had to find another favourite quilt since my sample was not part of the actual show.

Encounters like this one make up for the negative parts. Somebody actually stole from me this time. Three patterns went missing and haven’t turned up. I also stopped someone trying to walk away with another three and made them pay for what they picked. It might have been an honest mistake but judging by their behaviour (which had made me watch them in the first place) I don’t think so. I usually just have one bin of patterns out for people to dig through, and that makes it easy to watch and pay attention to where the patterns go. This time I had three, apparently that was too much for the busy time. Next time I will be prepared and go back to just one bin.

But enough ranting, it was a great show, we had a lot of fun, and I enjoyed those two days very much. Here are a few impressions of the show, I hope you enjoy them as well.

Quilt Show 1

Quilt Show 2

Quilt Show 3

Quilt Show 4

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8 responses to “Quilt Show Impressions”

  1. Robin Klein says:

    I’m glad you enjoyed the show but what a shame that people steal. With all the free patterns on the internet, the last thing a quilter needs to do is steal. They were probably going to sell the patterns, not use them which is worse. Enjoy your 2 weeks away.

  2. Deloris Berry says:

    Thanks for sharing some of the quilts with us they are beautiful I love the Tuxedo cats, glad I decided to do it. Sorry for the stealing, with all of the patterns out there and what you share with us can not understand a thief Thank you for all that yo do for the Quilt World Deloris

    • Beatrice says:

      Thank you, Deloris. I am quite happy with the finished Tuxedo Cats too. Several people asked for the full pattern at the show but it won’t be available until January.

  3. Marge Prewitt says:

    What a beautiful array of quilts. Thanks for taking the time to take them along with your expertise in displaying them. So sad that you had the stealing episode to contend with. Guess it takes all kinds but that is pretty sick. So glad you got the chance to be so involved in the show and what an awesome compliment on the Pansies quilt that wasn’t eligible for the show. Love your tuxedo cats!

    • Beatrice says:

      Thank you, Marge. I love my Pansies too, and I tried to make them as realistic as possible, taking forever to choose the fabrics. That’s why I felt especially flattered that he thought they looked like real flowers 🙂

  4. Martha says:

    Beatrice, I missed this post in October. I’m so sorry with your theft experience. I worked retail in a few quilt stores and we often experienced this. It’s so disheartening! I love your pattens having rescued cats for 40 years, I look forward to this pattern release in January!

    • Beatrice says:

      I sometimes tend to idealize my small Canadian town, and then I am disappointed when stuff like this happens. But then again I am a city girl at heart and it doesn’t really surprise me. It was bound to happen at some point. The full Tuxedo Cats pattern is available now by the way… 🙂

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