Vintage Rose

Here is another Judy Niemeyer quilt that I quilted before the quilt show. This one is called “Vintage Rose” and was made by Diane. I love the colour scheme of grey and yellow, it looks very calm and serene to me. We had quite a few Judy Niemeyer designs in our show, and this one was definitely my favourite. The design Diane picked for quilting is called “Lapis”, it shows nicely on the back which is grey Fireside.

Vintage Rose

Hier kommt gleich ein weiterer Judy-Niemeyer-Quilt, den ich für die Quilt Show gequiltet habe. Dieses Muster heißt “Vintage Rose”, und genäht wurde der Quilt von Diane. Das Farbschema in gelb und grau gefällt mir sehr gut, es wirkt irgendwie so entspannt und beruhigend. Wir hatten eine ganze Reihe Judy-Niemeyer-Quilts in der Show, und dieser hier war definitiv mein Favorit. Das Quiltmuster, das Diane ausgewählt hat, heißt “Lapis” und kommt auf der Rückseite auf dem grauen Fireside gut zur Geltung.

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2 responses to “Vintage Rose”

  1. Robin says:

    Gorgeous! It would take me a long time to complete one of these complex quilt designs unless I worked on it a minimum of 8 hours/day every day for a month or two and I am not a beginner. All her quilts are very technical yet beautiful. Diane is very talented!

    • Beatrice says:

      I agree, Robin. I think it took Diane about two years to piece the top. It requires a lot of skill and dedication to finish one of Judy Niemeyer’s designs.

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