Hunny Bunnies BOM – Block #6

Welcome to June and (almost) summer! Although it sure doesn’t feel like summer up here in the Pacific Northwest! May Long Weekend was quite nice, and we are supposed to have a few warmer days this week but other than that the forecast looks not very promising. But at least the overnight temperatures are warmer now, and I was able to put out all my tomatoes, cucumbers and squash plants. The cukes and squash collection especially was quite a jungle already! I started them later than last year but once they sprout, they just grow like crazy. The brassicas (brassicae? I studied Latin for seven years, I guess that still shows sometimes LOL), seem to like the weather though, as do the peas. The potatoes are looking good too. My husband suggested last week that we should grow sweet potatoes next year. Ha… I wouldn’t even know where to put those. We are definitely running out of space in the backyard. Maybe we need to put a bed or two out in front of the house? Something to ponder next fall/winter.

For this month’s bunny block, we have a little guy riding his scooter. My original idea was riding a bicycle but that would have been too complicated. The scooter was difficult enough to simplify, a bike would have been impossible. I didn’t even know where to start and quickly changed the plan. Of course he is wearing a helmet for safety reasons, get ready to dive into your scrap bins for just the right kind of fabric. The pattern will be available for free download (English/Imperial only) until the end of the month and move to the pattern store when the July block is released.

PPP-067-06 Hunny Bunny #6

Edit: If you missed the free download in June, the pattern is now available for purchase in the pattern store. I have also created a discount bundle for the first three blocks, if you missed more than just one download. And there is also a six-block-bundle for those who are just catching up now.

Auch Block 6 ist jetzt auf Deutsch mit metrischen Maßen erhältlich, ebenso gibt es auch wieder Bündel für drei oder sechs Blöcke zum Sonderpreis.

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6 responses to “Hunny Bunnies BOM – Block #6”

  1. Sharon M Aurora says:

    Cute! Thank you.

  2. Susan says:

    This is so cute; kind of reminds me of a little friend of mine riding her scooter.

  3. Linnie says:

    So very cute, you do such a good job.

  4. Barbara says:

    Its been summer here in South Florida since April.

  5. Gail says:

    I love the scooter. It’s so cute!

  6. Joanne Berndsen says:

    Hi Beatrice,
    Thanks for a fun challenge !
    take care,

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