Hunny Bunnies BOM – Block #5

I was trying to stay positive last month when talking about the weather. This month… not so much! It has been much too cold for this time of the year although I have to admit that we had a couple of really nice weekends. Brian Minter who is among many other things the garden king of this town said the other day that we are about three weeks behind “normal”, so that gives you an idea. I have been trudging along, following my garden schedule, and it looks pretty good overall. I planted potatoes, the brassicas are covered and from what I can see love the cool weather, the radishes are almost ready to harvest, and I have planted sunflowers in the front yard. Underneath I sprinkled Nemophila/Baby Blue Eyes seeds. I got this idea from a Facebook gardening group, hoping for a sea of blue underneath the yellow sunflowers in honour of Ukraine. Seems like a pretty useless gesture but hopefully it will at least be pretty. The summer is supposed to be really hot again, and we spent the last two weekends installing drip irrigation. I am really excited about that. It looks like it is working well, and it will not only save water but also save me a lot of time. Last year I spent so much time watering everything by hand that it became a chore, and I’d rather avoid that feeling this year.

Of course our bunny is spending some time in the garden as well. As you probably know, April showers bring May flowers, and this month’s block features a bunny watering flowers. The block has quite a few pieces because of all the flowers but is not difficult to put together. Just scatter the flowers in a way that pleases your eye, and don’t obsess about exact placement, it doesn’t matter at all. As always, the pattern will be available for free download until the next block is released. Hopefully I’ll be back on schedule in June but if something comes up again, I’ll let you know in advance to make sure everyone has the chance to download the free pattern.

067-05 Hunny Bunny #5

EDIT: If you missed the free download in May, Block #5 is now available for purchase in the pattern store.

EDIT: Auch Block 5 ist jetzt auf Deutsch/in metrischen Maßen im Pattern Store verfügbar.

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10 responses to “Hunny Bunnies BOM – Block #5”

  1. Edith says:

    So adorable! Thank you for sharing your beautiful patterns.

  2. Cynthia Mahdalik says:

    The bunny is adorable. I really like the background fabric you used. Thank you so much for sharing with all of us.


  3. Susan says:

    Thank you. I wish my flowers were blooming, but they still think it’s winter.

  4. Carmen Montmarquet says:

    Thank You she is adorable! Perfect for the beautiful flowers on their way!

  5. DianeH says:

    Thank you for another adorable block.

  6. Josefina says:

    Thank you for another beautiful block. Your drip irrigation will work well. I have drip irrigation all over my front garden. Just check them once in awhile. On occasion, some of the drippers get moved and it ends up watering nothing and the plant is thirsty. It’s a mystery.

  7. Joanne Berndsen says:

    Hi Beatrice,
    Thanks for another fun bunny block !
    Brian Minter ! Minter’s Gardens !
    Here, we’re having a very dry cool Spring again.
    take care,

  8. Linnie says:

    Thank you for the new little bunny — so cute.

  9. Joyce Carter says:

    Thank you so much for the adorable bunny.
    We are having very warm weather here in Georgia, USA right now. It was very warm a few weeks ago, then the wind got up, the temps dropped below freezing and half of my flowers died. I am going to wait awhile before replacing them to make sure it doesn’t turn cold again.

  10. Sigrid Schmidt says:

    So ein goldiger bunny ! Ich liebe ihn! Danke für die Vorlagen, Beatrice! Bei uns in Süddeutschland blühen die Maiglöckchen, die Schwertlilien, auch der Flieder. Liebe Grüße

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