Hunny Bunnies BOM – Block #4

March has been pretty wet around here but overall much better than predicted. There was always rain in the forecast but we had quite a few nice and sunny days in between, and I did get some gardening stuff done. My peas are going strong, even the ones that I planted before the cold spell in late February, and the spinach and lettuce are growing as well. A friend gave me some raspberry canes and strawberry plants last weekend, so I am not only growing vegetables this year but also trying my hand at some fruit. What I am most happy about though is my asparagus that I started from seed last year. It is coming back, and the spears are growing so fast that I can almost watch them grow, it’s unbelievable. Asparagus takes patience, and I am at least two years away from my first harvest but the spears actually look pretty good already, compared to the tiny stalks last year.

As for our bunny friend, he is experiencing Pacific Northwest weather this month… April showers. That’s why the Easter egg was already delivered in March. He has a huge umbrella, big enough to accommodate his ears, so he won’t get wet. And next month, the weather will hopefully be better and a lot warmer. The pattern (English/Imperial) is available for free download until the end of the month and will move to the store when the May block is released. NOTE: The next block will be released a day early, on April 30, so make sure you save the pattern right away.

067-04 Hunny Bunny #4

EDIT: Block #4 is now available for purchase if you missed the free download.

EDIT: Auch Block 4 ist jetzt auf Deutsch/in metrischen Maßen im Pattern Store verfügbar.

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10 responses to “Hunny Bunnies BOM – Block #4”

  1. Joyce Carter says:

    So cute! Thank you so much! We have had a lot of rain also, but the wind is the worst. It blows so hard you can’t stay outside.

  2. Linnie says:

    Thank you so much for #4. I can hardly wait to get started on them they are so cute.

  3. Carmen Montmarquet says:

    Thank You for this cute bunny block! Been rainy and windy here, hopefully better tomorrow!

  4. Marcia in TX says:

    He or she is so cute. Great idea. Thank you.

  5. Sally Murray says:

    So cute!! Thank you.

  6. Joanne Berndsen says:

    Hi Beatrice,
    Love this bunny !
    Rain is in the forcast here for next week !
    Thanks for a fun bunny !

  7. Celeste says:

    It sure is cute! Do you think if I made it fast enough we could get some rain here in California? 🙃

  8. Susan says:

    That is perfect for this month. Thank you.

  9. Carolyn Langham says:

    Loving your Hunny Bunnies. They are adorable.
    Have a question—I have looked all over your site
    for number 5l, I know it’s there, but “this dumb bunny”
    Can’t find it. Help me please.
    God bless you,

    • Beatrice says:

      That’s because it’s not there yet 🙂 Block 5 is coming on Saturday. Normally it’s the first day of the month but I am busy this Sunday and will publish it on April 30.

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