Coming Soon: Hunny Bunnies Block of the Month 2022

Drumroll… I proudly present next year’s Block of the Month project called “Hunny Bunnies”. After doing winter and summer in 2020 and 2021, the next logical step was a spring quilt, and when I thought of spring, bunnies immediately popped into my head. I also like rhymes and alliterations, and I have been a fan of the phrase “honey bunny” ever since watching the movie Pulp Ficton for the first time a very long time ago. I tried to make the basic bunny design less complicated than the monkey, he was fairly intricate with his hands and feet and all those points that needed to be cut for the fur. I also tried to make the blocks a bit less involved which didn’t always work.

Hunny Bunnies BOM 2022 Logo Pumpkin Patch BC

This will be the first block* to be published in January. It has quite a few pieces but they are not as tiny and intricate as the monkey ones. The next blocks will be a lot less complicated. I debated just using the bunny with the carrot without the basket but it didn’t look right to me. The turquoise bow is the needed dot of colour that balances the whole block. The whole design came together surprisingly fast. Once I started thinking about it, it all poured out of me, and I think I drew all the blocks within two weeks. I had a lot of fun putting it all together, and I hope you will join me for next year’s Block of the Month. There will be twelve blocks again, finished block size will be 10″, and the final layout will be the same as for the Monkey Business quilt. The finishing instructions will be available for free download next December. It will be a spring-themed quilt but NOT an Easter quilt although there will be one Easter block.

The instructions for the first block will be published on January 1, 2022 at 9 am PST, and the rules will be pretty much the same as before, I will post details with the first block. The blocks will be available for free download during the month of their publication (in English/Imperial only).

Someone asked last week about my handmade Christmas cards. Here is this year’s design which is a smaller version of my gingerbread man from my Ginger & Fred Mug Rugs pattern. They are not always this involved and most of the time not based on my patterns, it depends on what pops into my head and what fabrics I can find. The cards have a finished size of 4″ x 6″, and I create them like the AMCs that were all the rage about 15 years or so ago. I appliqué the top like a quilt block, then iron it to a stabilizer (I am using Timtex which is the closest thing I could find to the product I used in Germany). I also iron a piece of fabric to the back (not a busy design, something that I can write on), then I zig zag around the edges, and voilà. Easy enough to do, just time consuming, especially if the object is quite detailed. I usually make around twenty cards, and they go to a list of people who I know appreciate the effort.

Thank you for stopping by, and have a happy and safe holiday season. I am going to take the next two weeks off, and I will see you all in 2022 with the first block of the Hunny Bunnies BOM.

* The green border is NOT part of the block/quilt, there just wasn’t enough room for the text on the plain block.

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16 responses to “Coming Soon: Hunny Bunnies Block of the Month 2022”

  1. Irene Baetz says:

    Merry Christmas & a Healthy, Happy New Year



  2. Sally Murray says:

    Love your card!! Look forward to Bunny BOM. Thank you so much. Loving the Monkeys.

  3. Lori Smanski says:

    Merry Christmas. Enjoy your time off. Oh my goodness, were AMC’s that long ago. LOL I have lost all track of time. LOL Oh but I look forward to your “honey bunnies” I have been using the monkeys to practice my applique.

    • Beatrice says:

      I refused to make AMCs and ATCs for the longest time. I believe I made the first card maybe in 2008? Yeah, 15 years sounds about right, and I can’t believe it either!!

  4. Debra Hutcheon says:

    Love your work and can’t wait for the Bunnies.

    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year for 2022!

  5. Linnie says:

    I will enjoy this QAL. Thank You and enjoy your holiday.

  6. DianeH says:

    Another fabulous QAL to look forward to.
    Merry Christmas and enjoy your time off.

  7. Diana Pearson says:

    How exciting- this BOM is going to be such fun. Thank you for all of your wonderful, creative BOMs.

  8. Wendy says:

    I love bunnies, looking forward to this BOM! Thank you and have a blessed Christmas!

  9. Elaine Koehler says:

    Such a cute bunny! I am working on getting my monkeys sashed this weekend. Thank you so much for sharing your lovely patterns, they have given me many hours of sewing happiness!

  10. Joanne Berndsen says:

    Hi Beatrice,

    Enjoy the holidays !
    The bunny blocks might make for fun small pillows 🙂

  11. Sigrid says:

    Hello Beatrice,
    wieder ein schöner BOM 2022, ich bin bestimmt dabei.
    Schöne Weihnachten und einen guten Start ins neue Jahr wünscht dir und deiner Familie Sigrid

  12. Lynne Thiessen says:

    Thankyou for all your hard work. You are so talented. A wonderful artist

  13. Jeannette Neldner says:

    Enjoy the holidays with your family, friends and other loved ones. Thank you so much for sharing your talents with us! Looking forward to the bunny blocks! I’m way behind on the monkey’s but, slow and steady will win the race. 🙂

  14. Susan says:

    I hope you are enjoying the time off. I love the new year’s plan and look forward to seeing all the bunnies!

  15. Linnie says:

    Happy New Year looking forward to the new bunny designs.

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