Before I went to Germany I made four little quilts that I took with me to donate. I have been making preemiequilts for over ten years, and I lost count somewhere along the way but my estimate is that I made at least 70 over the years, maybe even more. They are donated to hospitals in Germany, Austria and the Netherlands, and all of us together have donated approx. 10,000 quilts so far. These little quilts are quick projects, less is more in this case… less seams, less quilting. Mine are always variations of the same simple patterns, and I try to choose cheerful fabrics. I don’t make as many anymore as I used to, it makes no sense to ship them all the way to Europe when I can donate quilts to different programs over here, but I always make some before I go back for a visit.


Bevor ich nach Deutschland geflogen bin, habe ich wieder vier kleine Frühchenquilts genäht. An diesem Programm beteilige ich mich schon seit über zehn Jahren, und ich habe den Überblick verloren, wieviele ich schon genäht habe, aber ich schätze mal, mindestens 70, vielleicht sogar mehr. Sie werden auf neonatologischen Stationen in Deutschland, Österreich und den Niederlanden verteilt. Insgesamt hat diese Gruppe schon ca. 10.000 solcher kleinen Quilts gespendet. Sie sind schnell zu nähen, weniger ist in diesem Fall mehr… weniger Nähte, weniger Quilten. Meine sind immer Variationen der gleichen einfachen Muster, und ich versuche immer, möglichst fröhliche Stoffe zu verwenden. Ich nähe nicht mehr so viele wie früher, es macht einfach keinen Sinn, sie von hier nach Europa zu schicken, während es hier genug andere Aktionen gibt, die sich über Quiltspenden freuen, aber bevor ich nach Deutschland fliege, nähe ich immer ein paar.


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4 responses to “Preemiequilts”

  1. MargeP says:

    Sweet! What is the finished size and do you usually use cotton batting?

    • Beatrice says:

      They are approx. 30″ square. The group has certain size requirements, not too small, not too big, and I think 30″ is somewhere in the middle. You can see that I have been doing the same size for years, I don’t even remember 😀

      I use 80/20 batting for everything including the preemiequilts. In Europe they actually prefer a certain kind of poly batting (that I can’t get here) because of its light weight and its ability to handle frequent hot washings.

  2. Marion says:

    Congratulations on your donations. They are so cute and I know they will be loved by those who receive them. I also do quilts for premies for a local hospital. I do between 6 and 8 quilts each month, so I know yours will be appreciated.

    • Beatrice says:

      Wow, Marion, six to eight per month? That’s amazing! What a wonderful way to combine quilting and supporting your community. Thank you for stopping by!

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