Barnyard Bash Crib Quilt PPP038

Barnyard Bash

Crib Quilt


Finished Size Before Quilting: approx. 52″ x 42″

Difficulty: Intermediate

Required Skills: Fusible Appliqué

Diese Anleitung in Deutsch/Metrisch finden Sie hier.

This quilt was my BOM project in 2018. If you are looking for individual blocks that you missed, they can be found here :

Block #1 Dudley the Dog
Block #2 Freddie the Frog
Block #3 Sally the Sheep
Block #4 Billy the Bunny
Block #5 Dottie the Duck
Block #6 Rocky the Rooster
Block #7 Marty and Mindy the Mice
Block #8 Cassie the Cat
Block #9 Percy the Pig
Block #10 Darby the Donkey
Block #11 Connie the Cow
Block #12 Gabby the Goat

Header Photo: "Third Weekend in October" Pieced and Quilted by Beatrice Rieske, Design by Ruth Powers of "Innovations"
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