COVID-19 Update

BC Phase 2

BC entered Phase 2 of the Covid-19 Reopening Plan last week, and many businesses are reopening at this time. As you know I have never been really closed but changed my procedures to comply with physical distancing needs. Since I work from my home, it is a bit more difficult for me to “reopen” while keeping my personal home bubble safe for me and my family. For this reason I am still not comfortable inviting people into my home.

If you have a quilt top that you would like me to quilt for you, please contact me. We will discuss options, patterns, colours, pricing etc. via phone and/or email and set up a time for you to drop off your project.

I request that you put your top, backing and batting (if applicable) into a bag or other container that can be placed on the ground. Please make sure that you write your name on the bag or put a note with your name into the bag. Leave your project bag on my doorstep. I will move it inside after you leave.

At this time I have eliminated the quarantine period in the garage. Several studies have confirmed in the meantime that the chance of catching the SARS-CoV-2 virus from inanimate objects is extremely small. While it is not completely impossible, it is highly unlikely, especially when following the guidelines and washing your hands often.

When your project is ready to be picked up, I will send you an email with my invoice. At this time I request online payments whenever possible to minimize all personal contact and avoid the need for me to go to the bank. I have always accepted credit cards and eTransfers but prefer to not process cards in person right now.

We will set up a pick up time, and I will place your quilt in the plastic bag on my doorstep where you can pick it up.

Everybody has been very understanding during the past few months, and I would like to thank all my customers for their kindness and support. Let’s continue to work together as safely as possible to keep the numbers in BC low.

Header Photo: "Third Weekend in October" Pieced and Quilted by Beatrice Rieske, Design by Ruth Powers of "Innovations"
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