Tuxedo Cats Block #11 – Please Read

November is just around the corner, and this time I am going to publish the block EARLY. I won’t have time to do it on Friday, Saturday or Sunday and have decided to do it Thursday night instead. Since I am way behind timezone-wise, it will be November 1 for most of you anyway. But this also means that the October block will move to the store section early. If you haven’t downloaded it already, please do it now before I move it on Thursday night.

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2 responses to “Tuxedo Cats Block #11 – Please Read”

  1. Susie Steele says:

    Just received your info on Tuxedo Cats Block 11 but for some reason nothing is coming up to show where to download it. Can you help me before it disappears??
    Thank you so much for sharing these wonderful Tuxedo Blocks–I love them. We lost our Kitty 6 years ago and this will be a great reminder of Remington.

    Thanks, Susie

    • Beatrice says:

      There is no download associated with this post, Susie. It was just an announcement that the November block will be a few hours early. The October block is still available if you haven’t downloaded it yet. Just scroll down until you find the October 1 post.

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